My Dream!

So, did you have a dream as a child to become something special? I have always wanted to be a teacher, even when I was little!  I loved going to school and learning, and I even remember the smells of the classrooms of my youth. I had many favorite teachers, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Basset and others that I knew I would become like!  I remember thinking that when I grew up and became a teacher I would do this or that in my classroom.

This is a picture of me in Second grade, already dreaming of becoming a teacher.


In 1963, I graduated from high school and went to college to become what?  A TEACHER!  After a few years of college, I graduated from Utah State University as a certified elementary teacher.  It was a great day in my life!

I accepted a job teaching second grade in my home town.  My goal was to teach a year, save some money by living at home with my parents, and then striking out for more adventurous pastures.

Here I am in my elementary school picture my first year of teaching.


Well, all good plans go out the window when you fall in love.  I met my future husband in January that first year, and we were married in May.  I then quit teaching for a few years to raise a family of seven children, but never gave up my dream of getting back in the classroom.  While raising the children, I kept taking classes for my certificate and had a little preschool in my home for 4 year old children.  When our youngest child was in Kindergarten, I went back to teaching, and taught until 2009 when I retired.

This is a picture of our little family about the time I went back to the classroom.


I found that when I retired I still needed to keep a close connection with teaching.  My daughter, Lorane, who is a teacher as well, and I decided to begin this new journey creating materials that would help out busy teachers.  We know, as teachers, how crazy busy it is in early childhood classrooms.  Our materials are designed to save you time by letting us do some of the work.  Lorane, who is now taking a break from teaching to raise her girls, has a background in art and was the art docent for her girls’ school in Washington State.  She now lives in Maryland and I live in rural Idaho.