Happy Birds!

I love Spring!  There are so many fun projects to do that go with this season.  Making different colored birds is one of the funnest projects to do in the Spring!

This project just screams a bulletin board or hall display to me.  When I was teaching, I tried to create a display for the hall when doing each art project.  Try to imagine a fun bulletin board or hall display using these cute birds.  The title could be, Spring is Here! or Welcome Spring! Gluing the wings and head to the body in different positions makes the birds look different. It’s always fun to see what the children come up with!

To save time, 6 inch circles of card stock paper could be used instead of coloring the small paper plates.  However, I liked the small motor skills used when coloring the plates.

We Are the Birds

Kids of all ages can create these cute little birds in the style of James Rizzi’s We Are The Birds!  

We learned about the artwork of James Rizzi, an artist who lived in New York City and is known for his simple black lines and bold colors.


First, we made the outline of the birds with a black oil pastel.  This was a directed line drawing, but each bird turned out unique!  Next we used watercolors to add some bright colors.

This was a great project that could be adapted for kids from K-5.